Discover Namibia - Discover Your Inner Self

The latest addition to an already varied and interesting range of tourism products available in Namibia is Namibia Holistic Experience© developed by two veterans in the fields of ecotourism and psychology. Dr Hu Berry, a nature conservationist, and Christine Zeitler, an expert in the field of self-development, combined their talents, expertise and experience to develop a tourism product that focuses on self-development and learning more about your potential, while experiencing the spectacular landscapes and wildlife of Namibia.

Christine and Hu

To do justice to a tour of this nature, Christine and Hu have chosen itineraries that allow clients a wide variety of choices of spectacular destinations that will enhance your personal journey. The two accompany their guests to places such as Waterberg, the Namib-Naukluft Park, NamibRand Private Game Reserve, Onguma Safari Camps bordering Etosha, and other carefully selected guest farms and lodges throughout the country.


Unique settings have been chosen to provide the perfect environment for clients to gain greater insight into themselves, whilst being exposed to some of the most impressive wilderness landscapes in Namibia. This new experience has already attracted overseas clients, including a businessman in the marketing industry and a television director. Both are planning return visits based on the highly successful nature of their first holistic encounters.


Whether as an individual, with a partner (2 people) or as a group (3-6 people) ? this journey will become an unforgettable experience. Six experienced coaches will be available to assist you in your individual, holistic development.  Depending on the duration of your journey and the availability of accommodation, you will be staying in one or more of the country?s best situated lodgings such as Waterberg Wilderness Lodge / Wolwedans Desert Lodge / Onguma Safari Camps / Gobabeb Training and Research Centre / Etango Ranch and Guestfarm / Kanaan Guest Farm / Camel Camp at Hilton Farm / Weissenfels Guestfarm / Okomitundu Guestfarm

Christine Zeitler
Christine Zeitler

Encounter your individuality within the most unique and oldest desert in the world and the savanna landscapes of Namibia. Experience space and timelessness under its endless skies. The search for a deeper meaning is transformed into the discovery of a deeper meaning.  The silence of nature will enable you to move within and to once again become aware of the essential nature of your existence.


Namibia is known as ?The Gem of Africa?. Gems have many facets and it is also true of the magnificent country we live in. Consequently, instead of the traditional method of telling people only about facts and figures, we also share with clients who attend the Namibia Holistic Experience Course, a philosophical approach to a variety of subjects. These include Botany, Ecology, Education, Ethnology, Geography, Geology, Health, Housing, Reality perception, Solitaire, Weather and Climate, Wilderness, Wildlife and Zoology. Together they contribute to create the Namibian kaleidoscope.


We introduce the various topics with objective facts and discuss more philosophically the implications that these have for us. Our approach is to combine scientific correctness with the deeper implications that these combined themes hold for us as Namibians. We concentrate especially on what is known as ?The Anthropogenic Factor? (the effects of humans on the natural systems). Because Human Ecology is distinctly different from Wildlife Ecology, it is essential to understand the immense impact that we as a species have on the natural environment.