Namib Desert

Tour A

Departing Windhoek we travel south-westwards for nearly 400 km, passing through the rolling hills of the Khomas Hochland to sharply descend the western escarpment into the pro-Namib Desert with its endless vistas of sparsely grassed plains. We skirt the towering cliffs of the Naukluft Mountains, entering the true desert where one of the largest private nature reserves in southern Africa, NamibRand and its luxurious lodges await us. The previous farm was aptly named "Wolwedans" (place where the "wolves" or hyaenas dance). Situated in a breath-taking environment of 180000 hectares of red sand dunes, rolling plains and distant mountains, the setting provides one of the most unique places for our Namib Desert Experience.



Tour B

We also have the possibility of staying at the Gobabeb Training and Research Centre. Situated 350 kilometres from Windhoek, this unique centre lies in the heart of the Namib Desert. It is situated on the banks of the ephemeral Kuiseb River and is ideally positioned on the edge of the so-called "sand sea", which covers an area of 34 000 km2. The setting is ideal for our purpose. A sense of freedom pervades, with vistas of vast sand dunes and inter-dune valleys that invite exploration. The green, lush vegetation of the mostly dry Kuiseb riverbed lies directly next to the dunes, forming an unusual contrast with the reddish sand. An immense desert plain, studded with rocky outcrops, forms the background. In daytime a clear, blue sky adds brilliant colour to this mosaic of shades, and at night the sky is unforgettably filled with a myriad of stars. Silence pervades, giving you the opportunity to come to terms with yourself and your personal situation.