Mrs. Christine Zeitler - Outcome effects coach & mentor

Mrs. Christine Zeitler
Mrs. Christine Zeitler

Christine Zeitler, born 1960 in Hof/Saale, Bavaria, began her career in television.  After completing her studies in technology and social education at the School of Broadcasting in Nürnberg with distinction, Christine Zeitler started (at Sat.1) in 1985 as studio director.  Later she worked as director for several ARD broadcasting studios.  From 1991 onwards, she became involved in television directing and the coaching of TV anchors and actors, which later led to her lecturing at the Institute of European Media Education.  In 1998 Christine founded the company Mediaprofile Ltd. through which she expanded her coaching concepts to include media training for executives and senior staff.

Through her studies of psychology after C. G. Jung and the anthroposophical teachings of Rudolf Steiner, she came to realize more and more the significance of a holistic approach to personal development.  Between 1996 and 2006 she documented exploratory travels of people from different fields of the economy sector; among the places visited were the USA, New Zealand, the Fiji Islands, Egypt, Portugal, Greece, Namibia and South Africa. In 2004 Christine Zeitler founded the DAFU Entrepreneur Academy of which she then became the executive director.

In parallel with her other activities she collaborated with respected coaches to develop a holistic training programme for entrepreneurs and executives.  Through this, she worked together with distinguished trainers like Chris Grisom (Light Institute, New Mexico), Alan Oken (Wisdom School, New Mexico), Stuart Wilde (Author, Australia) and Deepak Chopra (Author, UK).

At present Christine Zeitler has reached more than 8000 people through her coaching and training.  Backed by many years of international experience, she opened the "balance & business centre" in Windhoek, Namibia in 2007.