Self-knowledge as the first step towards inner balance 

Once you become aware who you actually are and once you identify what things in life bring you fulfilment, you can successfully realize your professional, private and personal potential.


Set goals for yourself and learn to attain them

Your holistic experience in Namibia can be designed to suit your personal preferences. We create a program that caters for individuals and groups. Whilst ensuring that you achieve maximum satisfaction by bringing you into contact with stunning landscapes, we allow flexibility in the schedule to meet your specific wishes.


balance & business is a form of personal coaching.  It assists you in overcoming real-life obstacles and in solving problems in a focussed manner.  Whether the challenges you face are job-related or of a personal nature, coaching can assist you in achieving your goals.  balance & business is neither therapy nor counselling, but the active realization of clearly defined aims.


Similarly, the specialists who form an integral part of your visit will attend to your requirements according to your needs. Consequently, apart from your Mentor Christine and your Guide Hu, who accompany you throughout the trip, the various facilitators can attend to you at the start and end, or during the program as you require.


Our team from the balance & business centre guides you through each step of the way individually.  Within a period of 6 to 18 months you will achieve your goal and attain your personal balance.